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Scene Pictures provide clarity

  • Labeling shows Directions
  • Obstructions
  • Skid Marks
  • Gouges                              * (Original Images Preserved) 

identify bodily injury details

  • Contributing Factors to Bodily Injury Claims
  • Pre-Existing Hazards or Negligent Acts
  • Greater Understanding of Circumstances

Property Damage Appraisals

  • Prior Damage readily Noted in Appraisals
  • Secondary Damage Explained
  • Wear and Tear Highlighted

Understand complexity of cargo recovery/disposal/Fuel Spill

  • Know Recovery Process Challenges - Factors                             
  • Alert Shipper/Consignee/Broker/Insured of Potential
  • Decide Proper course of Action - Recovery or Disposal

Independent Claims Adjuster Assignments billed on T&E basis - Ask about our "Blended Rate" package

  • Fuel Spill Remediation Efforts
  • ​DNR/DOT/EPA Exposure
  • Pre-Accident Scene Repair results